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The only definitive aspect of the unique act, Blue Man Group, is the color blue. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to describe the show, which combines percussion, techno-music, comedy, and drama.

The concept stems from the collaborated effort of trio, Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton. The organization founded in 1987 has won the 1992 Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience and the 2011 off-Broadway Alliance Audience Choice Award for Best Long-Running Show.

The performance consistently revolves around a trio of characters outfitted in blue make-up and bald caps. By combining themes such as innocence and information overload with multimedia theatrics and audience interaction, Blue Man creators have developed a niche market.

The act performs nationwide in cities, which include Las Vegas, Orlando, and New York. Blue Man Group uses no spoken language, which has created a perfect palette for all ages and cultures. It has achieved international acclaim with performances in countries ranging from Germany to Brazil to Japan.

The choreography, musical scores, and original musical instruments are always changing, creating a fresh presentation in every venue.

This family friendly crowd pleaser will not disappoint if you are looking to get out of the box and experience a totally, unique entertainment experience.

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